Hello! I'm Yunlei 👩🏻🔬

I design with empathy 🩵 and imagination 🔮 and take consistent daily actions to create the future I envision.

I am currently a sole Product Designer of the Anonymous Agent, where I use my expertise to design products that have the potential to change people's lives for the better.

product design

Anonymous Agent - Mobile

Streamlined matching process between nano-influencers and small businesses.

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Knowledge Planet

Uncovered subscriber pain points and improved user engagement through enhanced discoverability, scannability, and efficiency.

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UX/UI + web development

GM Renaissance

A reimagined autonomous vehicle experience for 2039.

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usability study + UX/UI

Dragon Baby Seafood

Translated usability study findings into practical recommendations for enhanced user experience and trust.

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responsive web design

Anonymous Agent - Website

Designed a website to showcase a product that bridges nano-influencers and small businesses through an AI-powered, automated, and standardized digital marketplace.

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