January 2021 - june 2021 (8 WEEKS)

Knowledge Planet

Knowledge Planet is a paid subscription knowledge-sharing platform launched in 2017. The user base grew fast in the first few years, but it was facing a declined user retention since 2020. My task was to improve the user engagement of the community page and moments page.

Knowledge Planet consists of communities where subscribers can join the communities hosted by content creators. Subscribers join to obtain knowledge, expertise, and communicate with others.


Community page and Moments page are facing a declined user engagement.


Enhancing user engagement by improving the discoverability of call-to-actions, optimizing the experience of acquiring information, and improving the scannability of the content.


UX Designer


Product Manager
2 UX Designers

Final design preview

Community page - Before

Community page - After

Moments page - Before

Moments page - After

What are Community and Moments?

Community is where subscribers can communicate about shared interests with people, read and publish posts, etc.

During the membership period, subscribers can ask questions, participate in activities, and read posts.

Moments is a collection that constantly updating list of posts. Users can read posts in Moments page without entering Community pages.

Community page

Moments page

Understanding users

Target users

There are two types of target users: Community Hosts and Subscribers. Community Hosts are content creators who produce content, answer subscriber's questions, and organize activities. Subscribers are the primary users who join the community to seek guidance, knowledge, and share thoughts with others.

User's voices

I collected popular user reviews and found that many users feel the app is not worth the money because they cannot find useful content. In addition, some users complained about the overwhelming amount of content and difficulty finding what they really need.

It's easy to find that many users mentioned "can't find what they want" in these complaints.

User interview

To identify the root cause of the issue, I directly spoke with users and conducted interviews to understand their behavior, thoughts, pain points, and needs while using the app. I selected 10 inactive subscribers and gathered their feedback through user interviews.

“I want to read posts from the people I followed but it’s impossible! There are too many posts every day and they are only sorted by time. And posts on Moments are simplified, so I regard Moments as a preview or notification page.”
“It’s really annoying that there is no way to collapse or filter the comments from the people I’m not interested in.”
“I know members can ask questions, but I didn't find out how to do it. I only participated in the challenges once or twice, but I need to click the challenges button to check out the new challenges, I think it’s inconvenient.”


Based on the interviews, I found several key insights, with the most likely reasons for the low user engagement being the following three pain points experienced by users:

Uncovering user pain points


❌ Cluttered background
❌ Low contrast
❌ Disappear while scrolling up


✅ Prominent
✅ Accessible
✅ Fixed while scrolling up

Iteration 1

I relocated new activities to the post feed, now they appear as notifications alongside posts. Additionally, I improved the display of activities using Card UI to enhance scalability and efficiency. The activity card enables direct participation, eliminating the need for extra clicks. However, multiple entries on one page may cause confusion, and the usability of the activity button still requires improvement.

Iteration 2

Therefore, I removed activity buttons and relocated all activity cards to this position, allowing users to horizontally scroll and discover their ideal activities. Nevertheless, I realized that despite the interesting and intriguing interaction, accessibility might pose a challenge. Horizontal scrolling could become less efficient with numerous activities, and the smaller card size made it difficult for users to read the descriptions.

Final design

After further considerations and discussions with the product manager, we reached an agreement to retain the activity button while introducing visual cues to indicate new activities. Additionally, I incorporated the activity card into the Moments page, transforming it into both a notification and an entry point. This approach significantly enhanced user engagement and increased the utilization of the Moments page.

Improve user engagement by adding more entry points for users to join activities while browsing posts, and use it as new activity notification to alert users about upcoming event.

After the users join the activity, the card state will change to the active state.

In terms of the activity card visual design, I chose the brand color and I created two states to differentiate between the activity before and after the user joins.

High-fidelity prototypes


Activity cards

New activity buttons




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